Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

Spring Break and you can only guess what I am working on... homework. I am writing a paper for English on the 4 or 5 best sources for Children's Literature, working on a persuasive speech, and studying for an Art History test. fun. I have found two sources for my paper so far, Children's Literature in Education and Children's Literature, both scholarly journals. Still looking for a primary source and published book. Oh! New info I think, I didn't re-read my last post, but I am a tutor for the OTC Richwood Valley campus in English, writing and basic CIT functions.

I have to register in the next few weeks for Summer and Fall '08 terms. I think I am going to take MTH 050 on campus and BIO 100 on line this summer and MTH110, CHM 101, HST 130, and MUS 101 (online) in the fall. That will leave me with MTH 128, ENG 250, HUM 121 & EDU 220 to take my last Sem. at OTC. I am then off to MSU in Springfield, MO. I guess we'll find out how well that works when we come back from spring break and I am able to meet with an advisor from MSU and my advisor from OTC. She is really great and becoming a fast friend. I will have to wait to see on the MTH classes though. I have to take a placement test to see where I can enroll. Math is my worst subject by far, so I am PRAYING that I can get into at least 050 to start with. Sounds pretty pathetic to have to go back that far, but I just don't want to get my hopes up.
Well, I had better get back to work.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Midterms in March

This is my first sem. back to school since I graduated in 2000. I am returning to get my degree in Teaching Secondary Education English with a specialty in Literature. I thought I might create a blog to remember all the interesting things I have been through. There is not a whole lot to report yet... Spring Break is next week and as of Midterm grades I have all A's. I am taking ENG 102, COM 105, EDU 225, and ART 110. So far so good.... I stare at this computer a lot since I always seem to be writing some kind of paper.