Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sleep... I need Sleep

So this won't be long as you can tell from the title... Sam (the actual baby of the family) is getting married on Saturday. I start summer term on Tuesday (a week from today). Just finished a scrapbook for a friend (4 different subjects). Need to work tomorrow for the upcoming Miss Missouri pageant. Have 225 cupcakes, a guitar hero grooms cake and a 6" round to make and decorate for Sam's wedding. My house is a wreck. Mushu went in today to be de-clawed. Bought a new lawn mower for Brian for his birthday. Bought text books and spent WAY too much.. I have no idea how some people can pay all this money for college and just blow off their grades. Doesn't make sense to me, must be nice to have that much money. Had a great weekend in Arkansas with Denise who went down with pink eye in both eyes, a sinus infection and an ear infection, but the view and the company was wonderful! I don't think a sentence I have typed so far has been a complete one... yup. I need sleep.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little bit of everything

There is so much I want to write about... I honestly don't know where to start. Hummmm....

1. School - I took my last final yesterday. Other than having 2 seizures in the middle of it, I would say it went well. I am not sure how I have done in all my classes yet, but my COM and EDU grades have both been posted and they are "A", so I am happy about that. I get two weeks "off" before summer term starts.

2. Illness - I am doing fine, but mom is sick again. I know she is frustrated with the surgery and the fact that she hasn't seen better results, but I know it will be for the best in the long run.. at least I pray. Grandpa Jim had an abdominal anurysim until this afternoon. It was removed successfully and he might be able to come home as early as Saturday. Praise the Lord! Brian is still fighting the cold/allergy battle, but I think he is starting to feel some better.

3. Diet - The diet is going pretty well. I am down over 50lbs. overall, but I still have a LONG way to go. I won't think about celebrating until I am over half way there. But diet is becoming a little more to me than just about losing weight. I am praying about changing the way I eat as a whole. I am trying a combination of high protein, low sugar and going by the Old Testament way of eating. No pork, "garbage" eaters, no bottom feeders, no fish without scales and gills ... things like that. I know it won't be easy and I am still praying and reading, but I can't help to think that God said no for a reason.

4. Home - I love our house! Praise the Lord for allowing us to find our own home! Praise the Lord for working everything out to his design. Praise the Lord that I have my own yard - that has to be mowed. Praise the Lord for the rain that makes the grass grow - that has to be mowed. Praise the Lord for giving me the legs and strength to be able to mow my wonderful yard when my husband can't. Praise the Lord for a push mower that works! Could the next blessing please either be a riding lawn mower with a bagger system or at least someone to sharpen the blades on the mower I have??

5. Car - I took the van in yesterday to have the brakes looked at and ended up having the entire back end brakes replaced. It was kinda scary when he told me later that I had no back brakes at all, just parts that had been distroyed. He said he wasn't sure how I was stopping at all except for my front brakes and that if I had used them much longer I could have caught on fire from the heat of the brakes and no fluid was getting to them. PRAISE THE LORD for my mechanic!! (and hubby for insisting I go in before the girls weekend)

6. Girls Weekend - Denise and I are going camping for 4 days at Mount Magazine in Arkansas. Unfortunally, the rest of the "group" was unable to make it, but I think the two of us will have a very good time! We plan on tent camping the first two nights and have reserved a lodge room at the top of the mountain for the third. We are taking my van, again PRAISE THE LORD for new brakes. Going down the AR mountains with no brakes could have been Denise's and I's homecoming.

7. To-Do List - I have made myself a to-do list for the two weeks that I have "off". I say "off" because the list is almost overwhelming. I have a scrapbook to make for someone that has been more than patient waiting on it, I need to write 3 camp scripts for this years KOH camp in July, I have to get my house back in order, Sam is getting married and I am making a black Guitar Hero grooms cake, three different types of cupcakes and a small round cake for them to cut. I will be camping four of those days and I would like to get as much reading in as possible. I have a much longer list at home, but I am watching the boys and at my sisters, so those are the highlights.

8. Family - Speaking of the boys, I have spent a lot of my day with AJ and Hunter today. Chris needed to go to the Dr, so I came over and watched them a little while. We went to lunch and I am back this evening so her and James could go out for their anniversary. They have been married 9 years, which means I will too in about 5 weeks. I can't believe we have been married almost 9 years and we seems to be in the exact same place as when we got married... don't get me wrong, A LOT has changed. I just find it funny that Brian has just gone back to work in Branson which is where he was working when we got married and I have gone back to school which I was finishing up when we got married. We are back living in Ozark which is the first placed we lived (granted we have upgraded) and we're really happy. Putting the boys to bed tonight I realized though how much I miss having kids of my own. I have never thought we wouldn't have kids there has just never seemed a push. We really like our peace and quiet, enjoy not having to worry about what to do with the kids if we want to go somewhere, just things like that. But I guess the "mom" in me kicked in when I was watching the boys tonight. Hunter is running a low temp and AJ was getting a little tired and wanted to banter a little but I didn't find myself getting frazzled or upset. I held Hunter while AJ and I talked about good and bad choices. No one was punished and it was just kinda nice I guess. When I was able to lay Hunter down AJ and I spent FOREVER trying to figure out the DVD/TV setup. He was patient and tried to help. I even called mom and no one could get it figured out. So instead of a movie we read two books, had a snack, brushed our teeth, said our bedtime prayers and I tucked him in a tight as a bug in a rug. He gave me a kiss goodnight, we exchanged our I Love You's, turned the night light out, and left the room as I pulled the door to. As I walked down the hall with the things to take to the kitchen out of his room, stepping over the toys in the living room floor and dodging the TV cabinet door that had been left open I found a calming peace and joy in my entire being. I think I could give up the peace and quiet for a little more of this. As I put things away I found it a wonderful end to my day to be cleaning up, knowing the kids were safe in bed, the house was quiet and I could reflect on the wonderfulness of it all. I know if this were my house and my kids I would now be rushing to throw a load in the wash, run the dishwasher and a million other things that needed to be done but I would have that satisfaction and proof of one more day. I don't know... maybe when I get out of school I can think about kids. It's only another 4 years at the most.....

I think there is more that I would like to write, but this post is long and I need to sit and ponder a while. Kinda bared my soul a little bit there.