Saturday, April 25, 2009

Somewhere, Out There

That is exactly where I have been, somewhere, out there. I have been catching myself coming and going these days. Brian has returned to work full time, but not full duty. He is still having dizzy spells and is still on his blood thinners. In addition, he had to go back on his seizure meds since the tests show that he is still having abnormal activity. The doctors decided to do another CT scan since he has been having chest pain. They didn't find any MORE blood clots, but they have discovered damage to his esophagus and his heart. They did an upper GI yesterday to look at his esophagus yesterday, he is more nervous about this test than I have ever seen him.. I think some of the questions he was being asked made him a little uneasy. They won't do another scan on his heart for 6 months, so that is the one that has me a little nervous. Other than these new issues, he is doing really well. They facial paralysis is doing so much better! He smiled the other day and I hardly noticed where he has had so much drooping. I am ever so proud of him for the HUGE strides he has made and the positive attitude that he has maintained through this whole ordeal!

On another note, I registered for my summer and fall classes last week. I am trusting that this was the right thing to do. I know he is doing really well, but there are still a lot of dr. appointments and blood draws. I am only taking two classes this summer to try and get myself back in gear for classes. Unfortunally, I choose some of my hardest classes. I am FINALLY taking college algebra (bring it on!) as well as Psychology of the classroom. I am in need of a refressher course for algebra, but I know I need to take it when I don't have as many classes to focus on. I also like taking it in the summer because then I am in class four days a week and I don't seem to forget as much.

I must start my laundry, as my days tend to slip by so easily these days...