Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So Long, Farewell

I'm not leaving, my HST120 class is.. I have decided that 15 hours is to much to take, so I have dropped my history class. I found out when I dropped it, that I was actually taking 16 hours, so now I am down to 13. I think that will be plenty. My seizures are not doing well since I have been very stressed, so I am going to try and de-stress a little. I would update this more if only I could blog from my phone in class....

Classes are going well, except for Chemistry. I have an A in labs and homework but I failed my first test. I mean failed with a 52. So my class grade is now a C. It is slowly getting easier to understand though, so I am hoping I will be able to pull that grade up. In fact, I am typing this instead of studying for my quiz on polyatomic ions tomorrow, so maybe I should put a lot more effort into my classes. According to an online test I took, with my schedule I should have 56 hours a week for studying ... I wonder where it all went.

I went and had my fingerprints cataloged electronically today and now I will be able to substitute teach for Fordland. I am very excited and will hopefully be doing that on Fridays when I am not in class or tutoring.

This post seems to be a little random, so I think I will stop now. I saw someone I hadn't seen in years and her baby today. I don't know why I felt the need to see her and take her a baby gift, but I did. I think I am over it now. Not sure I want to rekindle that friendship, to many bad and hurtful memories...

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