Thursday, February 12, 2009

A very full week

This week has been very busy. First of all, I am feeling much better! The flu is a nasty thing, but I did manage to not give it to Brian. :) Yeah Me!

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of accompanying AJ to his Valentine Tea. It was a wonderful time and AJ even served us. He is such the gentleman!

That afternoon, I took Brian to one of his doctors and he was released from the brace. He has done great with it, even though I think he does more than he should. However, the doctor did release him to move, bend, lift, push and pull at will. I just don't want to see him do too much. If that didn't make me nervous enough, the doctor today did.

Today we saw the new rehab doctor. He says Brian is healing really well and making great progress. Therefore, he can now be left alone for short amounts of time until he feels comfortable being left longer (Or until I am ready to let him). The doctor is also ordering over Brian's speech rehab records and if he likes what he sees, then Brian will go back to work 4 hours a day next week. THEN as soon as they do another EEG and decide that Brian isn't having any seizure activity, he will be able to start driving again. All of this is happening a month earlier than we thought it would. I know the progress is great, but I can't help but worry, it is what I do best. I pray that Brian will be able to handle the stimulation at work and do well. Oh! On top of this, he is back in rehab for a few hours three times a week. I think I am going to be living in my car for the next 3 weeks. It is at that time that he will go back for 6 hours a day if he is doing well.

Pray that I have the patience and fortitude to handle this.. I know God will give me the strength.

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