Monday, April 28, 2008

New Jobs and Final Papers

Brian started his new job today in Branson. He is very excited and so am I. He just called and after being there at 8am this morning, found out that his department is working from 5pm to 2 am while they are still working on the set during the day. A little upsetting due to the fact that he now needs to come home and sleep for a few hours before driving back to Branson tonight to work. oh well, learning experience.

I have a speech today in class and that is my last assignment until the final for my com class. I am working on my final ENG paper and the speech that goes with it. With a final in that class I will be done with it. We have projects in my EDU class each week. So far I have created my PowerPoint final project and have done my online game evaluation final project. I will do a podcast final project and a website final project before the actual final in EDU. As far as ART goes, I still have no idea. Only two weeks of actual classes left and we are still working on chapters. That's fine, but I would love a little more direction in the class. I have started creating my own chapter PP presentations that I am hoping will help me study for the final. Who knows, maybe we will get a study guide. I hope so. It will be a proctored exam that I will take here on campus in two weeks.

I have a two week break in between classes and then summer starts again. I am becoming tired and ready for a break. I can hardly wait for these classes to be over and new ones to start. I am not tired of school, I am just ready for a change. I need to feel like I am making some sort of progress in life.

Going back to school has been a huge step, as well as other changes in our lives this week. Brian and I dedicated our marriage to full-time media ministry this weekend at church. Going to work for Sight and Sound is the first step. God gave us this opportunity and we feel like we are following his will by making it. It is a huge leap of faith financially, but we have the peace that God has given us. *Breathe* It is time to deliver my last speech in class, so I had better study one last time and make the most of it.

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