Saturday, April 5, 2008

Random Happenings

This has been a very interesting week. It started with mom having surgery on Monday (sinus), me leaving my diamond daisy ring at the hospital, I have 3 major papers/speeches to write AND Brian accepted a new job. He is returning to life at the theater and going to work for the new Sight and Sound theater in Branson. They are performing Noah this year. I really think he is going to love it. Leaving Covenant will be hard as he has been there for 8 years. The Lord works in wondrous ways though. We are taking a pay cut for him to go, but the insurance is better and we really need that right now, considering he practically doesn't have any. Gas is a killer at $3.09 and a tank will only last him around 4 trips.

The Lord provides and we will be relying very heavily on Him. I got a really cool link off a friends blog and have started playing Bingo online. You can redeem points for cash on a gift card, and that will be helpful in paying small bills. If you would like to join, the link is:
By using this link, I receive points too, so thanks! Brian will still be designing for Covenant, so that should also bring in a little extra money.

We received a call yesterday that Brian's g-ma isn't doing so hot. Hospice gave her between 48 hours and a week, but she seems to have rallied a little today and ate again. There is no easy way to go through this. I honestly pray for him and his family that she goes quickly. She is in pain and that is difficult to see and watching her is taking it's toll on the family. It breaks my heart to see my loved ones hurting so much. I would give anything to take the pain away from them.

I should get back to work. I have been procrastinating long enough.

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