Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Feelings of a Pin Cushion...

Brian is feeling more and more like a pin cushion every day. He went for a blood draw again today and even though it was at the hospital, they had to stick him twice. I know he is growing frustrated and I wish there was something I could do to take it all away. The doctors called this afternoon and apparently didn't find what they wanted because they are increasing his coumadin again today. He keeps asking me if he is doing something wrong, that there is something he can change... I have no answers. I monitor what he eats, give him his shots and make sure he takes his meds... beyond that I feel so helpless as well. Tonight I made myself physically ill just worrying over it.

I borrowed my moms laptop today so that I can work on my homework. I have to have it finished by next Friday, I guess no rest for the weary. There is so much pressure, but I refuse to give in to it. I will prevail.

I am very excited that this weekend Brian's co-workers are coming to help us take down our Christmas decorations! I can't wait since I am the type of person that usually has them down the day after Christmas. Having this up this time has been a little weird.

Prayer Requests:
Brian: Healing, for his blood to thin, for them to be able to draw his blood easily, minimal depression.
Jenn: The dedication and drive to finish school - remember what I have learned. Finances.
P: Emotional and Physical direction. Anger issues
D: Peace of mind about life issues, financial issues
P2: Financial Issues

Thank you everyone for keeping up with us and your prayers!! It means the world to us!

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