Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Wild Weekend

What a weekend. We had a WONDERFUL group from Sight and Sound come and help us install an attic ladder so i can now get into the attic while Brian is injured. They retrieved all the Christmas boxes for me and I have everything packed away but the trees themselves and ready to return up there. I know I can do it now because I have a safe way! Thank-You Thank-You Thank-You!!!

Friday Brian went to see the doctor about his TSLO brace and got really good news. They are hoping at next months appt that he will be at the 60% point in his healing and can come out of the brace. Right now, he is doing well enough that if he needs to get up in the middle of the night for the restroom or when he takes a shower, he doesn't have to put the brace on. I think this news is doing a lot towards helping with Brian's depression. Now if I could just get a hug without it on, I would be happy!!

Medicine and Brian's workman's comp has been a nightmare, so I finally ended up paying for the RX's and hopefully we will get it worked out with them. I was just happy the doctor finally decided to call them in.

Mom ended up in the ER last night with a blister in her ear ... it finally ruptured about 6am, but since she had driven herself there and they had to give her morphine to try and help with the pain, Grandma and Grandpa Jim had to go and get her. God bless family...

We have had a dear friend that is going through some very hard personal things right now, and this weekend they all came to a head. My heart cries out because I know there is nothing I can do to ease the pain, which I soooo want to do, so my prayer list must continue as this:
for the Lord to provide the money to live on day by day, to take care of a MAJOR financial obstacle, for propane for the winter and for peace and understanding.

Other Prayer Requests:
Brian: Pray for minimal depression and praise for the wonderful news about his brace!
Jenn: The dedication to finish up this last week of school and the ability to retain everything to get through my tests.
P2: Financial situation and work situation
D: Personal life

Thank you for being a prayer warrior. Feel free to leave us your prayer requests and rest assured they will be prayed over!

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