Monday, January 5, 2009

The events that changed 2008

We started out so wonderful in 2008. We were in Florida at Disney World on Januray 1st, how horrible of a year could we have??

January was great. We spent 4 days in Florida at the Disney parks and then went on a 4 day Disney cruise. It was fantastic! Relaxing, albeit cold, we had the best time! We came home and I started school, which is where this blog began.

February was normal. Hunter turned 1 and school and work continued as scheduled.

March began another change. Brian was restless and unhappy with his job. He had been under quite a bit of stress and I guess I didn't know how much until he brought me a job application that he wanted to fill out. It was for the new Sight and Sound Theater in Branson that was bringing in Noah- the Musical. We prayed about it, and decided to go ahead and apply and leave it up to God.

April is when Brian got the new job and started at Sight and Sound. They were due to open in May, so he started work in late April. I was also in midterms at this point, so it was a very busy month.

May went by without too much hassle. I finished my first semester back with a 4.0 and managed to make the Presidents list. Brian's show opened and is a HUGE success... it is the talk of the town! With 100 real animals and twice that many anamatronics (sp), the show has quite the WOW factor..

June was Brian's birthday and our 9 year anniversary. He had to work, but they sent him home a little early so we got to see each other for a little bit. I decided to take Summer classes, so I was back in school by this time.

July was fine. It was hot, there was plenty of homework and Brian had lots of shows. We took the end of July, first part of August and worked kids camp at Windemere in Roach, MO. We had lots of fun, but I don't think we were as prepared as years past.

August was the end of my summer term (another 4.0) and the start of the Fall semester. That is when our year became very interesting..

I will have to finish the year in the next post since this one is not only long, but Brian would like to go to bed and that now require both of us. More on that remark to come...

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