Monday, January 19, 2009

Standing Still in Traffic

Sometimes that is what my life feels like... that I am standing still in traffic. Goliath has been throwing up all weekend and has had the runs, so this morning after my chiro appointment, off to the vet we went. Oddly enough, Goliath isn't sick. I found out that my poor puppy has a nerve issue, his are shot. With us being in the hospital for so long and running to and fro between doctors, Goliath is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Poor thing, now he knows how his mommy feels. Which is bad, because he feeds off my emotions, so I am doing my best to keep it together for him right now. We got some nausea meds and brought him home, determined to spend the day pampering him and trying to calm him down. I am sure the boxes to pack the Christmas decorations laying around aren't helping because to him, he sees change.

Brian's doctor called today and we were told to stop his shots and wait until Wednesday for another blood draw. I am hoping this is a good sign. Last time we did this Brian was having chest pain within 24 hours because his blood got too thick, so I am going to be very vigilant about watching his pain levels. I know he feels better knowing that he gets a two day vacation from any and all needles, which his body really needs right now.

I have been working today on trying to finish up my homework from my fall classes. I was able to complete 4 music assignments and started my last one just a little while ago. So in total I have:
Chemistry: 1 unit test, chapter homework to turn in and my final
Music: 3 page paper and final
Math: FINISHED!! :) (I got a C though.. :( )
Children's Lit: 5 page paper and final

I have to have it all finished by Friday, but I think with a lot of prayer and some late nights, I will be able to get it accomplished.

Prayer Requests:
Brian: That his blood will stay thin and they can manage it through pills alone
Jenn: To finish the above work quickly and accurately
D: personal issues, finances
B: finances and coping with life changes
P: finances

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