Friday, January 16, 2009

Insurance Companies

I am not sure who they are for... The doctors claim they don't benefit them, but after yesterday, I know they don't want to benefit us. Yesterday just seemed to be a bad day all around. It was 9 degrees, so just a little cold, and I lost my hat. I think somewhere at Target, but who knows. All I know is that it is gone. Plus, everything just seemed to take forever yesterday. Finally we went to pick up Brian's prescriptions and none of them were ready. The doctor has been out for 3 weeks and his associates didn't want to call two of them in due to the fact that they didn't feel "comfortable" with it. I don't feel comfortable with my husband being taken off his seizure medication suddenly because of their negligence. Then we couldn't get his coumadin refilled because the insurance company said it was too soon. When he is taking 2.5 pills a day, I don't know how long they think 30 pills will last him?!?! Anyway, they finally called 10 minutes before the pharmacy closed last night that the insurance company finally approved the coumadin. I still have no idea what I am to do about the other two. I keep calling the offices. I am sure they are tired of hearing from me. Perhaps that means it is time to call again.....

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